Techies are people who have insatiable interest and proficiency in technical field or technology. Techies too are enthusiastic and skilled in the use of technology and especially electronics. Such people deserve electronic gifts due to their likeable of these electronics. This article therefore, discusses some of the awesome gifts to techies in the current world.

10 Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones

This remains one of the best headphones in the market today suitable for those techies who would to go wireless and remain steadfast with the trendy headphones. They are more comfortable and come in a wide range of colors. This type of headphones is that gift a techie will definitely love.

9. New Apple iPhone 7

If there is that gift for a techie that is without question on of the most trending is the just released into market iPhone7. This will certainly help your friend upgrade to the best phone in the market today. This is a phone everyone will immediately fall in love.

8. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

One of the latest track in the market that can easily ones heartbeats, calories, workouts, steps, stairs climbed and any time spent on other activities. Certainly, one of the coolest gifts any techie cannot turn done as it even monitors time spent on sleeping as well as receive calls and texts simultaneously when in motion.

7. TP-LINK Wireless Nano router

This is a suitable for the techies who are fond of travelling or those whose job involves a lot of movements. This device allows them to easily access WIFI anywhere as it acts as easy access point where there exists Ethernet cable. This is what your travelling friend or partner who is a techie deserves as a gift anytime.

6. Touchfire screen-top keyboard

This is the best gift for a techie who dislike software-based keyboard. This type of keyboard has a tactile feel allowing for quick typing. Its thinness enhances portability making it easy to move around with.

5. Brookstone’s 1080p Pocket projector

This device allows one to project content on their phones in order to allow several people to see it. This is one of the coolest gifts any techie cannot dare to turn down. A perfect gift for the techie who occasional has presentations. It is also suitable for the movie lovers too.

4. Nest learning thermostat

This electronic device is able to detect temperatures by reading ZDNet every morning. The thermostat can easily detects ones temperature habits and requires no constant adjustments associated with other thermometers. This is a stunning gift to the techie who is ever bothered with their health.

3. Tetris stackable LED Desk lamp

It is a special lamp designed with Tetris pieces that are movable and illuminate when these pieces come into contact. This is a worthy and cool gift for that techie that will never disappoint.

2. MMT Monitor 2Go

This is without any doubt on of the coolest electronic gift to the techie. This can easily qualify to be a second monitor for the laptop or a screen for a phone or a tablet that can be slid into the base. This is a good gift at a low cost suitable for the techie that will excite them any time.

1. Remee Lucid dreaming Mask

This is an interesting device that is able to detect when you are dreaming and lets you know by its red lights. The red light flashing cannot wake anyone but can create visible anomalies when dreaming. The fact that its price has be lowered considerable makes this one of the coolest device for the techies.

There are numerous gadgets that will excite any techie as a gift. The above listed gifts are worthy giving a try when evaluating that gift suitable for the techies. The effect will be unbelievably awesome when you select any of the above gadgets for a gift to a techie.